It is recommended that a child have their first dental check-up by the age of 1. Informing your child about their first dental visit is very helpful. At your child’s first visit, we will review the medical/dental health history form with you. Your child will meet the dentist and have everything explained to him/her. We encourage parents to accompany their child during their visit. This gives you an opportunity to see us working with your child and allows us to discuss dental findings and treatment needs directly with you. Radiographs (x-rays) may be taken if necessary. If no treatment is needed, the teeth will be cleaned and a fluoride treatment will be provided. We look forward to meeting you and your child for your first appointment!

For more information from the American Association of Pediatric Dentists, please click on the following link:


For your information and your child’s safety, DPD regularly tests the water at EVERY exam table to assure uncontaminated water for your child.