Welcome to Dickson Pediatric Dentistry! Our main focus at Dickson Pediatric Dentistry is to ensure that your child has a positive dental experience. Our child-oriented practice is built on a love for children and a desire to make them feel comfortable with dentistry. Our goal is to alleviate any fear or anxiety you or your child may have concerning their dental experience. We understand that all children are unique and must be treated as such in order to achieve this goal. Our office is completely “child friendly’ with televisions above the exam chairs, video games in the waiting area, and treasure towers full of surprises. This inviting atmosphere, along with our cheerful and professional office staff, helps to provide a stress-free environment in which your child can thrive and grow into a well-adjusted dental patient.

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For more information about Pediatric Dentistry from the AAPD, please click here:  The Pediatric Dentist